The science of sustained growth.

Adlucent is a performance marketing agency that applies a scientific approach to marketing. They strive for always-relevant marketing and believe in continuously monitoring, adjusting, questioning, and pioneering new strategies to prove what works. Their proprietary technology, Deep Search™, is built to solve retail’s toughest performance marketing challenges. It crunches large complex data sets to customize, automate, and unify a client’s strategy. 

The agency believes in a culture of transparency and is committed to creating a workplace where diverse backgrounds are celebrated. Adlucent was Google’s largest shopping ads agency in the U.S. and Amazon’s original agency of record. They won several best place to work awards, are a Microsoft Advertising Awards Winner, and a finalist of The Landy Awards.

About Adlucent PPC Services   

Adlucent’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service pairs millions of data points with its proprietary technology to give clients control over search engine automated bidding. Campaigns are custom-built for a client’s actual business, goals, and collaboration style. A unique bidding strategy is built based on the client’s KPIs, whether product margin, customer lifetime value, new acquisition, or more.  

Elements of this service include brand and non-brand bid optimization, feed-based DSA, query funneling, keyword segmentation, app marketing, custom real-time bidding algorithm, feed management, and more. 

Clients: Eileen Fisher, The Vitamin Shoppe, AliMed, Theisen’s, Signature Hardware

Adlucent Location Details   

1300 Guadalupe Street
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78701

Customer Reviews of Adlucent

The team is very friendly and they assist with our needs. They normally take care of tasks within 24-48 hours of making the request. The service is a black box, so you have no control or visibility into what is going on. A lot of small changes would be much faster to make with another software. Reviewer Identity Confidential  – Small Business, Printing

Alternatives to Adlucent

Adlucent applies a scientific approach to marketing, but are you a small business that needs something simpler? There are many other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agencies that might be ideal for your business, but it can be challenging to find the most reliable one. Get a complimentary consultation to help you make an informed decision.

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