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Radd Interactive is a company that lives, breathes, and sleeps search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). They strive to crush the client’s competition, and their team is never satisfied, no matter how well clients are doing. In an evolving online world, the agency prides itself on finding new ways to keep clients at the forefront of search engine technology. No matter the size of a client’s company, it is Radd Interactive’s goal to always make sure it is seen and heard. Radd has numerous case studies that highlight their work. 

The agency developed its own proprietary technology, RaddBOT, which allows them to replicate and observe how search engines react to updates made on client websites. They are a Google Premier Partner, a Bing Elite SMB Partner, and an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company. Radd Interactive works with small businesses and medium-sized companies.

About Radd Interactive PPC Services 

Radd Interactive’s PPC and SEO management teams work closely together to share data and insights to improve performance across the board. Client services are advertised on Google and Bing. Radd’s technology allows them to query large data sets to help identify trends in clicks, spend, and conversions. It analyzes monthly performance trends and traffic patterns across multiple KPIs. Costs are reduced, but performance, conversions, and revenue increase.  

Clients: Medterra, LeaseVille, The Honey Pot, Industrial Products, Fire Cam.

 Radd Interactive Location Details     

10907 Technology Place,
San Diego, CA 92127

Customer Reviews of Radd Interactive

Video references from Speed Circuit, MiniMoves, and New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation (NMEAF).

“My company used Radd for 6 months with decent results but nothing spectacular. They focus primarily on technical SEO with the use of their proprietary tool called RaddBot. Less attention is paid to on-site SEO and link building, which I’ve now come to learn are essential to a successful SEO campaign. One very peculiar thing is that, unlike other SEO companies, they do not provide monthly ranking reports, so you never know how well your main keywords are performing.”

Bobby B. – Google review

“They are a jack of all trades and can help with anything we need to do online.” – review

Alternatives to Radd Interactive

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