Growing a construction or real estate firm can be challenging. While distinct, both are very competitive markets, and businesses are built on relationships and trust. Pay-per-click (PPC) for construction and real estate companies addresses these issues while targeting your ideal consumer, allowing you to expand your reach and zero in on the most qualified leads.

Benefits of PPC Advertising for Construction and Real Estate

PPC advertising is unique from other forms of digital marketing, providing construction and real estate firms with unique benefits.

  • Control: Websites and services like Zillow can be helpful, but they control the traffic and sometimes hold your leads hostage, which increases your reliance on them. PPC frees you from third parties and gives you control over your leads.
  • Fast Results: PPC can start delivering results as soon as your ads are running, unlike SEO and other digital marketing tactics that take months to ramp up.
  • Measurable Results: Thanks to modern analytics, it’s easy to track which leads come from your PPC campaigns and know exactly how your efforts are performing.
  • Low Cost: PPC can fit into most budgets. For instance, an average real estate firm pays less than $30 per lead generated through Microsoft Advertising.
  • High ROI: PPC delivers an average return of  $2 for each $1 spent.
  • Improved Targeting: You can zero in on just the right people whether you serve businesses or are drilling it down to zip codes for neighborhood farming.
  • Data: PPC allows you to gather large amounts of data about how your customers behave very quickly, improving all your marketing efforts and boosting ROI across the board.
  • Versatility: Paid ads work for every stage of the customer journey, whether you’re trying to reach people for the first time, reengage people who have visited your site before, or lock in prospective clients as leads.

Best Types of PPC Ads for Real Estate and Construction

The best types of PPC ads for real estate and construction companies vary by consumer and goal. Some or all of the following may be appropriate for your brand:

  • Display: Graphical display ads are shown on third-party websites that your prospective clients may visit, allowing you to reach people almost anywhere on the net.
  • Search: Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo display search ads alongside organic search results, so you can reach people who are actively looking for your company or businesses that provide services like yours.
  • Remarketing: It often takes prospective clients weeks or months of research before they’re ready to talk to a real estate agent or construction company. You can use remarketing and retargeting to continue connecting with people who have engaged with your brand but haven’t taken the next step.
  • Mobile: More than half of all Google searches are now performed on mobile devices. Leverage mobile ads to reach your audience on their favorite apps and more.
  • Video: You can use video ads to showcase properties for sale, completed projects, tips consumers will appreciate, introduce yourself, and more. Video captivates in ways static images and text cannot.

PPC Platforms That Work Best for Construction and Real Estate

Focusing on the platforms that make it easiest to reach your target audience allows you to conserve your budget and boost ROI. A few platforms that work best for construction and real estate firms are highlighted below.

  • Google: The lion’s share of the PPC market belongs to Google Ads. Most brands start here using a mix of search, display, and video ads.
  • Microsoft: Although Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing) offers many of the same options as Google and can help you reach the same demographics, it often does so for a fraction of the cost.
  • Facebook: Whether you’re trying to reach general consumers or business professionals, Meta Ads offers impressive targeting and strong ROI.
  • LinkedIn: Generally speaking, LinkedIn Advertising works best for those focusing on commercial construction or real estate. However, it can play a role in all PPC strategies.
  • X: If you’re building your brand, X (formerly Twitter) Ads can help you expand your reach and build stronger relationships with your audience.
  • Instagram: Construction and real estate firms can do a lot with visual content, which makes Instagram Ads a natural fit, particularly for B2C companies. 

What Construction and Real Estate PPC Agencies Do

Because your niches are unique and traditional strategies don’t always perform well, it’s best to work with a PPC agency that specializes in construction and real estate and can blend their experience and industry expertise to provide you with more substantial results. A few things a dedicated construction and real estate PPC agency can do for you are highlighted below.

  • Strategy: Your PPC strategy is the heart of your campaigns. An expert will help identify the best platforms, ad types, keywords, and more to ensure your budget goes to the people most likely to need your services.
  • Technical Setup: Targeting, setting up budgets, and managing other aspects of your campaigns can be tricky. Your pro will take care of this for you efficiently. 
  • Copywriting: Experienced agencies have a team of copywriters who create compelling and clickable ads and landing page copy while being mindful of regulatory concerns, keywords, and branding.  
  • Visual Content: Your agency will procure high-quality images that evoke emotion and boost conversions. 
  • Landing Pages: PPC campaigns perform better when readers are routed to a dedicated page with content that aligns with the ad they’ve read and carries them to the next stage of their journey.
  • Analytics and Optimization: Continuous optimization ensures your ads consistently deliver the best possible ROI. Your agency will stay on top of this regularly, so performance improves even more over time.

Get a Complimentary Consultation 

If you’d like to learn more about what PPC can do for you or have specific questions about optimizing your current campaigns, we’re happy to match you with a construction and real estate PPC specialist. Request a complimentary consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extensive research goes into each real estate PPC campaign to discover the best ways to attract your target market. The keyword research includes:

  1. Types of properties
  2. List of neighborhoods
  3. Zip codes

Then, several ad copies are created using the different keyword combinations.

Conversion tracking is set up, and reporting is generated through Google Analytics.

PPC represents a good opportunity for real estate agents to advertise to people looking for properties in their location. Real estate deals typically close between three and six months. Think of PPC as a long-term investment, as many leads will happen at the beginning of a property search. These searchers are now aware of your brand, and later in their property buying journey, they may come back to you.

Many real estate companies utilize PPC to spread their message across multiple platforms and directly to their target market. Here are some reasons why you should use important PPC strategies as a real estate agent or company:

  1. Active Searches = More Leads
  2. Target specific demographic areas
  3. Instant lead generation

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