When people are hungry, they often turn to the internet. Whether you offer “pizza in Boca Raton” or run an “Italian restaurant in St Louis,” you want to make sure that your business information pops up. PPC can help your business by getting your menus, restaurant reviews, or food and beverage ordering page on their smartphones.

Examples of Food Services That Benefit from PPC 

All food producers and service providers businesses can benefit from PPC digital marketing. Below we provide only a few examples.

Cafes and bars

Before many people decide where to go for a coffee or for drinks, they conduct research online. They may want to see what’s near them, what the happy hour specials are, view menus, and more. PPC can put your establishment’s name at the top of search results, leading to increased audience engagement and lead generation.PPC also helps restaurant owners, whether they want to promote their food or grow their restaurant.

Food Producers 

Are you a food producer who wants to help your food products get seen by buyers in the industry? Perhaps you want to ensure potential consumers can read your ingredients list online and order directly from your site. PPC can help you revitalize your media marketing campaign so that you target your various customers in compelling and memorable ways.

Grocery Stores 

How do you get more foot traffic into your store? You may have an online ordering system, and you want to encourage people in your location to order online and pick up their groceries. Some of the benefits of PPC for grocery stores are increased brand awareness and improved reporting strategies so that you can figure out what metrics you should be measuring.


When looking for a place to eat, most internet users don’t click past the first page of results in Google or Bing. The top three results get approximately 41% of the clicks on the page, which means that if your restaurant isn’t claiming a top spot, there’s a big chance that you’re missing out on potential business. PPC gives you the opportunity to compete against larger restaurants that have better rankings in search engines. By bidding on the right keywords, you can get a top spot. 

Best PPC for Food Marketing Strategies 

PPC marketing is a great way to get in front of people who could buy from you. Advertisers bid on certain keywords that users type into search engines in order to display a relevant ad to those users, hopefully pulling them into the advertiser’s site. Here are a few great PPC strategies:

  1. Advertise on a variety of platforms.
  2. Start a remarketing campaign.
  3. Use ad extensions.
  4. Create mobile-first landing pages.
  5. Consider lookalike and comparable audiences.
  6. Establish a reasonable advertising budget.
  7. Create appealing, benefit-laden ad copy.

Why You Should Hire a PPC Advertising Agency 

For PPC advertising success, paid media campaigns must be set up, managed, monitored, and optimized. This process can be complicated and time-consuming, especially for internal marketing teams juggling multiple duties. Businesses might consider hiring a PPC firm to manage their paid advertising accounts in order to maximize their investment in sponsored media and achieve the best results, such as:

  1. More attention is being paid to your account.
  2. Trends are kept up-to-date by agencies.
  3. Reporting is detailed and comprehensive.
  4. You’re given strategic advice and recommendations.


PPC has various advantages for your restaurant, grocery store, cafe, or food services company. You can reach more people at the exact moment they are ready to buy from you.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

1. What are geo-targeted ads for the food industry? 

Geo-targeting is distributing advertising content to clients that meet certain criteria in a specific geographic region. Geo-targeted marketing, in addition to targeting people within a certain radius, allows firms to zero in on consumers based on their habits and demographics.

2. What are the proven PPC benefits for the food industry?

Here is a list of 5 benefits of using PPC in the food industry: 

  1. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad
  2. You have control over your budget 
  3. You have full control over your campaign
  4. You generate more authentic leads 
  5. You are able to easily monitor your campaign

3. Should I use mobile ads for my food business? 

Because consumers are looking for nearby dining options while on the go, mobile advertisements are frequently the ideal candidates for restaurants. Furthermore, mobile ads are less expensive than desktop ads and have higher conversion rates.

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