Shopping ads offer a variety of information about a product, which results in more qualified shoppers. Potential customers will click on shopping ads to see the product in person and the price, which helps them move down the buying funnel.

Shopping Ads on Google 

Google Shopping campaigns are used to advertise your local and online products, increase website or shop traffic, and generate more qualified leads. The advertiser pays when someone clicks on their Shopping ad. Advertisers decide how much they will pay and what they are willing to pay per click in order to be noticed amongst their competition. 

Shopping Ads on Microsoft 

Having shopping ads on Microsoft Bing and Yahoo offers you an additional channel to market your products online. Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaigns can be created quickly, and they provide tools for measuring the effectiveness of your product ads. PPC Agency Guide can help you find the right agency to ensure you run profitable shopping campaigns on Microsoft. 

Shopping Ads on Facebook 

Facebook Shopping Campaigns allow advertisers to retarget audiences or appeal to potential audiences through a dynamic product feed. People who have viewed products and added them to their cart. You can also target potential audiences with dynamic product ads if they are interested in similar products. PPC Agency Guide has a list of recommended agencies that have experience in creating and running Facebook Shopping Campaigns. 

Shopping Ads on Twitter 

Twitter shopping ads are still in their infancy. Their shop is called “Shop Spotlight” and is now available to all merchants in the US. As their product is developed, agencies that offer Twitter shopping ads will be listed on the PPC Agency Guide.

Shopping Ads on Instagram 

Customers are able to purchase goods from your website or on Instagram directly, this makes having shopping ads on Instagram almost essential if you want to generate additional exposure. PPC Agency Guide has a list of professional agencies to help you create shopping ads and campaigns on Instagram.

Shopping Ads on Amazon 

Amazon shopping ads are an effective way to reach new shoppers when they begin their shopping journey online. Amazon ads are flexible and include a variety of creative ad formats and placements. Track your results, see how your ads are performing in real time, and make changes to your campaign. Amazon ads enable a quick execution and allow you to reach your target audience in the right place at the right time. 


If you are a retailer, shopping campaigns can help you market your online and local inventory and increase traffic to your website or local store. These ads provide the viewer with a clear sense of the product you are offering before they even click the ad, giving you more qualified leads. 

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

1. What are shopping ads?

A type of ad that includes precise information about the items you sell: for example, you can set up your product details in Google Merchant Center and build Shopping campaigns in Google Advertising to create Shopping ads.

2. What’s the benefit of shopping ads?

Reach out to customers at various phases of the purchasing process. When they are served with a Shopping ad, their shopping inclinations are more likely to be increased. One advantage of Shopping advertisements is that you can reach people who aren’t really your consumers but who have a strong desire to buy.

3. How do I get my shopping ads to show on Google?

Follow these steps to get your shopping ads to show on Google:

  • Create an account with Google Merchant Center.
  • Improve the images of your products.
  • Gather and enter the data for your product feed.
  • Connect your Google Ads account to the website.
  • A Google Shopping campaign should be created.
  • In your shopping campaign, place bids.
  • Schedule and target your shopping strategy.
  • Create ad groups.

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