Revitalize your marketing campaigns with Video ads. Video ads are an effective way for businesses to express themselves. They tell a better story than your average banner ads, leading to higher click-through and conversion rates. 

While the idea of using video ads in PPC campaigns still surprises some business leaders, this is likely to change in the near future. It is only a matter of time until video advertising becomes a standard (and anticipated) component of many PPC campaigns. 

Video Ads for Google

You can reach your audience through video campaigns on YouTube or through Google video partners. You can create a video campaign by choosing from different campaign goals, subtypes, and ad formats. These will tell people about your products or services and encourage them to take action. View our list of agencies that can get you started with video ads on Google today. 

Video Ads for Microsoft 

Boost awareness with video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network (Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). Microsoft allows you to reach potential customers wherever they are currently consuming content on MSN. Video ads are a great way to increase awareness, grab attention and drive leads for your brand. They also help create deep emotional connections between your customers. Find a professional ad agency on our website to help you with your Microsoft video campaigns. 

Video Ads for Facebook 

Users of Facebook love videos. 1.25  billion of them watch videos exclusively on Facebook Watch each month. Marketers may take advantage of this trend using Facebook video ads. Video ads not only attract more clicks but also provide marketers greater creative freedom to highlight a brand’s personality and establish an emotional connection with users.

Video Ads for Twitter 

Twitter Video Ads allow you to tap into the power of their influential audience, connect with what’s happening, be part of today’s visually-driven digital universe, and more. Twitter reported a 62% increase in daily video views year-over-year and a 72% increase in watch time. To maximize brand impact, videos should be kept under 15 seconds. Our list of video ad agencies will assist you in finding a great agency to help you get started. 

Video Ads for LinkedIn 

LinkedIn Video ads allow you to interact with business decision-makers via LinkedIn’s desktop and mobile news feeds. You can post videos to your Company Page or sponsor the post allowing you to reach more people than just your followers. Using Company Page Video, you can share your company culture, products, news, and events in order to drive engagement and start conversations. You can create video ads that go straight to the news feed of a member and bypass Company Page followers. View our list of agencies to help you run professional video ad campaigns on LinkedIn. 

Video Ads for Instagram 

You can increase your business profile and attract more customers with Instagram video ads. Some 500 million people use Instagram Stories every single day. 50% have visited a website after they saw a product or service via Instagram. Instagram offers several placement options for video ads. These include Stories, Reels, and In-Stream video ads. Contact us to help you find an agency to set up your Instagram video campaigns.

Video Ads for Amazon 

Video ads can be used on Amazon as a form of PPC advertising, similar to Sponsored Products Ads or Sponsored Display Ads. Running PPC ads on Amazon is as simple as bidding on keywords to get your product prominently displayed in search results. This will allow potential customers to see and click on your ads. As with all other ads, you will also be competing against other Amazon sellers within your niche. View our list of agencies to find one that helps set up your Amazon campaign professionally.


Video is an engaging and versatile content format. It gives us a true-to-life view of the world, and it is easy to share across many platforms. It’s simple to consume, entertaining, and engaging. Marketers also love it because of its potentially huge return on investment (ROI). Anyone with an internet connection can view and produce video.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How effective are video ads?

86% of video marketers claim that video is useful for generating leads. According to marketers, video directly and favorably affects sales. Ninety-four percent of marketers concur that videos have improved consumer knowledge of their goods or services.

2. How much does it cost to create video ads?

The good news is that it typically costs between $2,500 and $5,000 per minute to develop a video ad rather than more than $20,000 per minute.

3. Where can I get video ads created?

Contact your local video producer or find a freelancer online to help you get started with creating video ads.

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